Hello world!

She loves her scarf.


I’ve finally given in to the world of blogging. Apparently it’s all the rage.  I haven’t blogged since the days of Xanga…which seems like forever ago. However, since I have a 16-month old daughter, and another one due in 3 months, I figure friends and family (mainly my mom) would like to know all the fun things that go on around here on a daily basis.

Amelia is currently in the mocking stage. It’s hilarious! It really is so much fun. I don’t know how she decides which things she wants to mock but we are really getting a kick out of it. The newest things are trying to fold her arms, smacking her lips after I put “lip gloss” on them, and making kissy faces. Her arms are so tiny that it looks really funny for her to try to fold them.

She’s started mocking animal sounds, which I find even funnier since she doesn’t even know what most of these animals are. We’ve got kitty, doggy, chicken and cow. We are working on dinosaurs (courtesy of Aunt Erinne) and she can also make a fish face. Lots of good times.

She knows where baby Sofia (or sowee as she says) is and she says hi and pats my tummy a lot. I don’t really think she understands though. I’m really looking forward to seeing how she’ll interact with her sister. I hope they like each other. Then she’ll have a best friend for life. What more could a girl ask for?