Menu Plan Monday: 6/18

This past weekend was a mix of some alone time for Jeremy and I, good times with family, and trying times with two sick little girls. 😦 The girls woke up with fevers yesterday morning: 103 and 101. Jeremy was up with them a lot last night so we declared today movie and soup day! Here are this week’s recipes.

Big Batch Vegetable Soup, Cornbread

Salads and Roasted Cauliflower

Cilantro Lime Chicken Casserole

Vegetable Stir Fry with Garlic Sauce

Bean Bolognaise

Vegan Banana Coconut Bread Muffins

Lazy Granola with Coconut, Almonds and Flax

Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

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Meal Plan….Tuesday! 6/12

Seriously, the weeks go by so fast! I rarely can find the time to blog and it frustrates me. I want to do it…I really do! But with three kids and a change in our diets I just can’t keep up. We recently watched Forks over Knives and… well… it inspired us to move towards a whole foods, plant-based diet as much as possible. We will still eat meat occasionally but not dairy and we will sometimes eat eggs. Other than that, you will notice our menus being more plant-based. I’m also going to start making things from scratch more often and try to cut out the processed foods. We’ll see how well that goes. 😉 Here are the recipes for this week!

Greek Wraps (minus the cheese) and Sweet Potato Fries, pineapple

Black Bean tacos with avocado, lettuce, salsa and vegan sour cream! Can you believe such a thing exists? I hope it’s good! Served with a salad and homemade ranch dressing made with coconut milk. It may sound weird… but it tastes good! I don’t notice a coconut taste at all. (I use the original coconut milk beverage from the carton.) Glad my bff thought this one up!

Crockpot Spaghetti sauce over veggie pasta, some sort of steamed veggie and some kind of homemade bread. 🙂

Balsamic Green Bean Salad to take to a cookout. (minus cheese)

Lazy Granola with shredded coconut , sliced almonds and flax

smoothies with fruit, honey and coconut milk

It’s going to be a yummy week!

What’s your favorite meatless meal?

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A Snoopy Birthday Recap

We celebrated Sofi’s 2nd birthday this past weekend and it was so much fun! We had the party outside (mostly) and it was so nice for the kids to be able to run amok and be free!

Sure, it was the hottest day of the month so far, but still nice. I think second birthdays are my favorite. It’s the first time I feel like Sofi felt incredibly special, once she realized everyone was singing to her. The look on her face was precious.

I love that smile that completely lights up her face. 🙂

I was sort of disappointed when I realized that nobody seemed to sell Snoopy birthay party supplies so my mom and I came up with some things on our own to make it special!

The Snoopy house is a gift bag from Hallmark. After the party we cut out the black part and the girls have been using it as a dog house for their stuffed animals. 🙂

I got the Scooby snacks graham crackers from Meijer and used this dip. It is amazing!

Walmart sells pretzel balls and when you put them in a green dog bowl, it looks like dog food! I was a tiny bit proud of this one.

I was very proud of this idea. 😉 My mom made these using her cricut machine. We filled them with snack packs of peanuts, snoopy fruit snacks, crazy straws, snoopy stickers, tiny boxes of crayons, scooby snack graham crackers and some Charlie Brown coloring pages.

And again, my mom and her cricut machine…she’s so crafty! 🙂

I was very pleased with how the party turned out! Unlike our attempt at taking a family picture after the party was over. I’ll leave you with 3 takes out of 6. They crack me up every single time!

Happy birthday, Sofi!

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A Correction

Amelia’s conversational skills are pretty entertaining these days.  Her vocabulary is outstanding for a 3 year old (in my humble opinion) 😉 but she doesn’t always use the right word in the right instance. Then again, sometimes she does and it cracks me up every time. Here is a recent conversation we had.

Amelia: “What’s that on your face?”

Me: (frantically patting down my face) “What?”

Amelia: Oh, it’s the sun!

Me: “Oh, yeah it’s coming in through the window.”

Amelia: (looking out the window for it) I think it’s by my room.

Me: “No, it’s coming from behind the tree.”

Amelia: “No, it’s by my room.”

Me: “No, it’s coming from behind the tree!”

Amelia: ” No, it’s under.” And then she cocks her head to one side and looks down her nose at me with this look on her face, which I can only assume is the look I give her every time she does something she knows she’s not supposed to. And then she says:

Amelia:” That’s a correction.”

I should have never corrected my parents when I was a kid.

Menu Plan Monday: 5/21

So it’s been like a month since I’ve blogged? I’m such a sad excuse for a blogger! Oh well, I have a 7 week old, a 2 yr. old and a 3 1/2 yr. old. I’ll let myself slide. So here is this week’s menu plan! And hopefully I will be back later this week with a silly conversation, a snoopy birthday party recap and and letter to my 2 yr. old.

Monday: Salads with lots of toppings, fruit and bread

Tuesday: Raspberry chicken, corn on the cob, roasted garlic potatoes

Wednesday: Slow Cooker Mango Chicken with rice and vegetables

Thursday: Beef and noodles, green beans

Friday: Chicken and veggie foil packets, sesame noodles

What’s on your menu this week?

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Menu Plan Monday: April 23-29

I’m back! Baby Ephraim finally arrived 11 days late to play an April Fool’s Day joke on us, so I’ve taken the last few weeks off from blogging and cooking. And cleaning. And showering and sleeping. Just kidding! Except for the cleaning part. 🙂

Ephraim is doing really well! Sleeping and eating and pooping. I’m so glad he is finally here and I cannot believe how much I love him. His sisters absolutely adore him as well. So cute! So now he’s here, and I’m all recovered and it is time to get back into planning our weekly menus. This is the first week where I will be cooking every day and I am feeling equal parts trepidation and excitement. Wish me luck! 😉

Monday: Salads and Baked Potatoes = easing into this cooking thing slooowly.

Tuesday: Fresh Tomato and Chicken Pasta, Salad

Wednesday: Spicy Chicken Flautas, Black Beans

Thursday: Beef with Broccoli, Rice

Friday: CPK’s BBQ Chicken Pizza by the Pioneer Woman, Raw Veggies with Ranch

Saturday: The Melting Pot! My husband and I are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. So it’s date night with the two men in my life.  (Well, one man and one tiny, tiny, little boy.)

Sunday: Leftovers

What’s on your menu this week?

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Menu Plan: March. 19th – 25th

Well, still no baby. His official due date is this coming Wednesday… but I’m not feeling too optimistic. So I planned 5 dinners for this week just in case, leaving the weekend open for leftovers or random eats. Here’s the list!

Monday: Southwest Chicken Salads with Baked Potatoes (trying this homemade Ranch dressing)

Tuesday: Fruity Chicken Pasta Salad with Breadsticks

Wednesday: Crockpot Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice & Stir Fry Veggies (still haven’t gotten around to this!)

Thursday: Pizza Casserole with Salad

Friday: Crockpot Chicken Enchilada Soup (still haven’t gotten around to this one either!)

I’ll be making some Strawberry Bread and some Yogurt Covered Blueberries as well. We didn’t get around to the Shepherd’s Pie from last week but I still have the ingredients. If I’m having a burst of energy one morning I may whip it up and stick it in the freezer, possibly this Southwest Chicken Pot Pie as well.

What’s on your menu this week?