Meal Plan….Tuesday! 6/12

Seriously, the weeks go by so fast! I rarely can find the time to blog and it frustrates me. I want to do it…I really do! But with three kids and a change in our diets I just can’t keep up. We recently watched Forks over Knives and… well… it inspired us to move towards a whole foods, plant-based diet as much as possible. We will still eat meat occasionally but not dairy and we will sometimes eat eggs. Other than that, you will notice our menus being more plant-based. I’m also going to start making things from scratch more often and try to cut out the processed foods. We’ll see how well that goes. 😉 Here are the recipes for this week!

Greek Wraps (minus the cheese) and Sweet Potato Fries, pineapple

Black Bean tacos with avocado, lettuce, salsa and vegan sour cream! Can you believe such a thing exists? I hope it’s good! Served with a salad and homemade ranch dressing made with coconut milk. It may sound weird… but it tastes good! I don’t notice a coconut taste at all. (I use the original coconut milk beverage from the carton.) Glad my bff thought this one up!

Crockpot Spaghetti sauce over veggie pasta, some sort of steamed veggie and some kind of homemade bread. 🙂

Balsamic Green Bean Salad to take to a cookout. (minus cheese)

Lazy Granola with shredded coconut , sliced almonds and flax

smoothies with fruit, honey and coconut milk

It’s going to be a yummy week!

What’s your favorite meatless meal?

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