A Correction

Amelia’s conversational skills are pretty entertaining these days.  Her vocabulary is outstanding for a 3 year old (in my humble opinion) 😉 but she doesn’t always use the right word in the right instance. Then again, sometimes she does and it cracks me up every time. Here is a recent conversation we had.

Amelia: “What’s that on your face?”

Me: (frantically patting down my face) “What?”

Amelia: Oh, it’s the sun!

Me: “Oh, yeah it’s coming in through the window.”

Amelia: (looking out the window for it) I think it’s by my room.

Me: “No, it’s coming from behind the tree.”

Amelia: “No, it’s by my room.”

Me: “No, it’s coming from behind the tree!”

Amelia: ” No, it’s under.” And then she cocks her head to one side and looks down her nose at me with this look on her face, which I can only assume is the look I give her every time she does something she knows she’s not supposed to. And then she says:

Amelia:” That’s a correction.”

I should have never corrected my parents when I was a kid.

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