Freezer Cooking Day #3

Yesterday, my friend Stephanie and I did our third freezer cooking day together. I have to say the day didn’t start off well!

This is my pot after the first recipe I worked on. I completely scorched the bottom of the cheese sauce for our Individual Mac and Cheese cups. Actually, this is my pot about 20 minutes after Steph started scrubbing it. She spent a good 45 minutes or so cleaning it. And the worst part is I didn’t even realize I had done it until I had mixed in all of the macaroni and started scooping it into muffin tins. So, yeah we have a bunch of scorched milk mac and cheese cups. Who’s hungry?? šŸ™‚

The day got better, though. And even though it felt like a terribly long day it was probably one of our shorter ones. But here’s the thing: it’s over now, and our freezers are stocked! It is totally worth it in my opinion. If you need some help getting started on this crazy adventure known as freezer cooking, Once a Month Mom has tons of resources for you!

Another thing I like about freezer cooking is that it’s forcing me to try new things. My cooking partner happens to be a little more adventurous than I am and our menu yesterday introduced me to leeks, coriander and working with fresh ginger for the first time! I’m no stranger to the bottled minced ginger you find in the produce section, but fresh ginger is great! The smell was amazing. Same goes for the coriander. If you have never smelled freshly ground coriander, you are missing out my friend! I want the candle and the lotion! So, hopefully Bath and Body Works will get to work on that soon.However, I did draw my line at fish sauce. No fish sauce for me!

Ok so I’m sure you are dying to know what we made. Here’s the list!

Individual Mac and Cheese Cups
Coconut Lime Chicken Tenders
Honey Lime Chicken
Deceptively Delicious Lasagna
3 Bean Pasta Fagioli (turned this into a crockpot meal)
Southwest Chicken Chili Mac
Chicken Pot Pie (we used this as a base recipe, but ended up changing it so much that it’s pretty different now.)
Greek Chicken
Lemon Chicken & Vegetables
Texas Confetti Rice Salad
Bombay Chicken
Chinese Orange BBQ Chicken

Exhausted yet successful šŸ™‚

Can’t wait to try these yummy meals!

    • BrothersFullam
    • January 8th, 2012

    it sounds incredible! i love ginger, too. gerry’s been using it so much lately, i can’t get enough! blackened mac n cheese sounds gourmet, too. i wouldn’t worry about it too much!

  1. January 9th, 2012

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