Tis the Season…

I LOVE Christmas. I love the music, the traditions (old and new), the food, the shopping! Oh, I love the shopping. I love finding the perfect gift for someone. I love decorating the tree, and choosing the perfect wrapping paper, the cookies! Oh, I love the cookies.

But this year just hasn’t been quite as fun. I’m pregnant. I’m tired. I had a list of things I wanted to do with the girls throughout the month like decorating cookies, and making a felt Christmas tree that they could decorate over and over that I just never got around to. My husband planned the most perfect 30th birthday for me (exactly one week before Christmas) and I was too sick to enjoy any of it. There’s been more sickness and hospitalization in our family and our extended families than anyone cares to experience. I never sent out Christmas cards! Ack! We never watched a single version of A Christmas Carol. Wah, wah, wah. (You know the sound I’m going for there right?)

Does any of this really matter? No, not really. It’s not the point of celebrating Christmas. The point of celebrating Christmas is to focus on THE perfect gift that Christ gave to US! We didn’t earn it. We definitely needed it. I hope that throughout the next few days I can relax and let go of the stress, the regrets, the should haves and just relish in the love and mercy of our Savior and to thank Him for loving us so unconditionally, loving us so much that He died for us.

What a gift!

Someday, I’ll get my act together. Probably not next  year because, let’s face it… I’ll have a 4 yr. old, a 2 1/2 yr. old and an 8 month old. But someday, I’ll have the perfect crafts for the kids, the Christmas cards will get sent out on time, and cookies will get made. The house will be magically spotless! Ok, I overdid it there. 🙂 But it will never really matter… because Jesus and His gift will still be there.

Merry Christmas! Wishing you a peaceful and healthy holiday with your loved ones.

Thanks to my bff who reminded me that there’s still so much to celebrate. 🙂



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