December Meal Plan!

I planned out the entire month of December, and it feels awesome! I’m sure things might change a bit, based on last minute plans or new recipes that catch my eye on Pinterest.  😉  I like having a rough idea though. Here’s the plan!

Nov. 28th – Calzones, green beans (freezer meal)

Nov. 29th – Chicken, Spinach and Wild Rice Soup, breadsticks (freezer meal)

Nov. 30th – Taco Dip, chips (freezer meal)

Dec. 1st  – White Chicken Chili, cornbread (freezer meal)

Dec. 2nd – Chicken and Cheese lasagna roll-ups

Dec. 3rd – Chicken Fingers, mac & cheese, broccoli

Dec. 4th – Lighter General Tso’s Chicken, rice and broccoli

Dec. 5th – Ravioli, green beans, crescent rolls

Dec. 6th – Asian Chicken Noodle Soup, egg rolls

Dec. 7th – Chicken Broccoli Enchiladas, chips & salsa (freezer meal)

Dec. 8th – Chicken Fingers, potato wedges, corn

Dec. 9th – Beef Stroganoff over egg noodles, green beans (freezer meal)

Dec. 10th – pizza, veggies with ranch

Dec. 11th – Beef Stir fry, rice

Dec. 12th – Broccoli Alfredo, crescent rolls

Dec. 13th – Citrus Chicken Salad, Baked potatoes (freezer meal)

Dec. 14th – Taco Casserole, chips & salsa (freezer meal)

Dec. 15th – Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole, crescent rolls (freezer meal)

Dec. 16th – Chicken Fingers, buttered noodles, broccoli & cauliflower

Dec. 17th – Pizza, veggies with ranch

Dec. 18th – my birthday!!!

Dec. 19th – Beef Stroganoff over egg noodles, cauliflower (freezer meal)

Dec. 20th – Broccoli Cheese Soup, French bread

Dec. 21st. – Tacos, beans & rice

Dec. 22nd – Chicken Fingers, mac & cheese, corn

Dec. 23rd – White Chicken Chili, cornbread (freezer meal)

Dec. 24th – Christmas Eve

Dec. 25th – Christmas

Dec. 26th – still Christmas celebrations for us

Dec. 27th – Spinach, chicken rice soup, drop biscuits (freezer meal)

Dec. 28th – Oven baked Chimichangas, chips & salsa

Dec. 29th – Souiza Cornbread Bake (made with beef), mixed vegetables (freezer meal)

Dec. 30th – Chicken Fingers, potato wedges, broccoli

Dec. 31st – New Years Eve

Jan. 1st. – Kielbasa, mashed potatoes, corn


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    • November 30th, 2011

    What, you think just because it’s your birthday, you don’t have to cook? I think someone needs a good talking-to…

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