Menu Plan Monday: Sept. 19

Week three of eating from the freezer (minus Tuesday night when I’m trying a new Pioneer Woman recipe!!) We are starting to plan for our next freezer cooking day which is exciting since I’m starting to run out of meals! I am absolutely loving having the freezer stocked. It has saved me a lot of stress at dinner time. If you have never tried freezer cooking, I highly recommend it! If you need help on where to start Once A Month Mom is a fantastic resource! I will try to blog about our next freezer cooking day… I will try!

Here’s the plan!

Monday: Greek Chicken (I made this in a roasting pan instead of the slow cooker and added some oregano…turned out much better this time!), baked potatoes, salad and peas

Tuesday: Italian Chicken Soup, rolls, salad

Wednesday: Tater tot Shepherd’s Pie, broccoli/cauliflower

Thursday: Pesto chicken over egg noodles, green beans

Friday: Tortilla Soup, Quesadillas

Saturday: Asian BBQ chicken, Sesame noodles, broccoli

Sunday: Mini Meatloaves, mashed potatoes, corn

What’s on your menu this week??

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  1. That Italian Chicken Soup is one that I really want to try ASAP. It looks sooo delicious 🙂

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