WFMW: Summer Schedule

There is something inside me that craves organization. Charts, lists, “everything in it’s place,” these things excite me. The problem is I am also pretty lazy. It’s like a constant battle. I want to be organized! But I value my downtime. I want things to be clean! But I hate doing it.

Well the other day I got started. After reading about this over at The Creative Mama I made a schedule. A cleaning, activity, and recipe schedule. Sure, go ahead. Call me a nerd. That’s ok. šŸ™‚ The reason being is 1) I have only been “company cleaning” 2) The girls need things to do and 3) I am drowning in new recipes to try.

You know about company cleaning right? Oh, crap. Someone is coming over! Quick, declutter only the rooms said company is going to be in, try and fail to vacuum up the cat hair from the furniture, scrub the bathroom! Well, I hate that and it stresses me out. So I thought by picking one major cleaning chore a day I would be pretty on top of things by the time we have company.

As for the activity schedule… I knew it was getting bad when Amelia started to equate getting dressed in the morning with going somewhere. We were having too many pajama days and we needed to start getting out of the house. So over the last few months I’ve been taking them out more and doing things. It gets a little hard when you have no spending money but I think I’ve come up with a pretty good schedule. We have a library day, a storytime (free!) day with a jaunt through the water fountain, a park/playdate day, a grocery day and a baking day.

Now, the recipes. I give you our new menu plan.

Monday = Vegetarian

Tuesday = Crockpot Night

Wednesday = Ethnic Food

Thursday = Alternating leftovers and takeout

Friday = Family Favorite/Kid Friendly

Saturday = Grill Out

Sunday = Homestyle Sunday Dinner

Ta-Da! So that is what I am hoping is going to work for me this summer. How about you? Where do you fall on the organizing scale? Any tips to share??

I’m linked up at We Are That Family!

    • Erinne
    • June 22nd, 2011

    That post inspired me too šŸ™‚ but then we got sick.that seems to happen whenever I make a schedule! I think we wil have a storytime day too šŸ™‚ can’t wait to see what ethnic dishes u fix!

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