The Nap Time Dilemma

It’s nap time! Yay! Now I can get on Hulu  and catch up on MasterChef!

Oh, but there’s been a load of laundry in the dryer for 24 hours now. I should probably get started on that.

But I just got a new magazine in the mail!

Oh wait…I still haven’t written the thank you cards from Sofi’s birthday. EEk!

What about the three books I just brought home from the library? When am I going to read those?

But the bathroom is looking pretty grimy… Didn’t I tell Jeremy I was going to clean it last week?

But there are still menu plans I haven’t looked through! Because apparently I don’t have enough recipes on my to try list…

I give up! I guess I’ll just go write a blog.


    • BrothersFullam
    • June 9th, 2011

    this sounds so familiar.

    mine is usually something like.

    Yes! Shepherd is done. Now let’s nurse and get Archie asleep. Whoo hoo, he’s asleep, too. Is that Shep? “Shep, go back to bed, honey. Nap time.” Okay, now I have an hour. What’s that smell? Should I do the dishes? Ah, they’ll be dirty at dinner. I should wait til I start dinner to do them. What’s on TV? Nothing? Why don’t I watch soaps? I could get on hulu but Gerry wants to watch that, too. I could read blogs. Wait, did that last night when I couldn’t sleep. Where’s my book? I have no idea. Do I need to clean the bathroom? I do, but it’s too hot. I’ll get sweaty and I need to look decent for my meeting. Maybe I’ll rest my eyes a minute on the couch. I’ll sit down. WAAAAAAAAAH. Dangit. Archie’s awake. Good try, mommy. Good try.

    • hubs
    • June 9th, 2011

    this laziness will not be tolerated.

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