1. I cannot stand greeting cards that rhyme. I refuse to buy them. But rhyming books are my favorite to read to Amelia. Example of one of our favorites: Bubble Trouble. Lots of fun to read!

2. Confession: I totally judge books by their cover.

3. I have a really big fear of bugs and it is getting worse as I get older. When I see a bug in the house I yelp, scream, jump back, throw my hands out. My heart races, my skin crawls and I feel itchy all over. Amelia on the other hand seems to love them. She wants to play with them as in “come on spider, jump into my hand! Spider get down on the floor I can’t reach you.” I am not making this up. This is word for word what she said this morning to the spider crawling across the ceiling. Ick.

4. Sofi truly is her mother’s daughter. The girl loves food and loves to eat. She flips out if someone is eating in front of her and she doesn’t get any. Her eyes get this crazy look and she will do anything in her power to grab a piece. I saw her take a dive at lunch trying to get a noodle Amelia dropped. To see the way she acts, you’d think I don’t feed her! Her birthday party is going to be great fun watching her rip into a cupcake for the first time.

5. We must have had too many pajama days this year… every time I come out in real clothes or ask Amelia if she wants to get dressed she says “where we goin?” Oops.

6. Lately when I get Amelia dressed, she likes to take her belt and loop it around her neck like a stethoscope and say “I’m Dr. Seuss!”

7. I’m addicted to finding new recipes. I just cannot seem to make things more than once. I have a handful of “family favorites” but other than that I am constantly looking for the next great recipe. It’s kind of a sickness. Or maybe it’s a hobby? Yeah, we’ll go with that one.


    • BrothersFullam
    • May 17th, 2011

    these made me laugh so hard. i judge books by the cover, too! if the cover is stupid, we skip it altogether. it could be brilliant inside and we’d never know. what’s the deal with mimi’s arachniphilia? that is horrifying 😉 i think i am in the same boat… when i put jeans on, shep says “let me get my shoes and we can go into the car.”

    • pam foster
    • May 24th, 2011

    you make me tear up with laughter – you are so funny when you write. You should write a chicken soup for the tiny mama

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