Menu Plan Monday: 4/18

If I thought menu planning was hard when I couldn’t have dairy, it’s definitely twice as hard now! For a different reason, sure, but still hard. My problem? Too many choices!

Week after week I come across pure deliciousness on the web. Blog after blog posts recipe after recipe to tempt my tastebuds. I’m drowning in recipes here! I suppose it’s not the worst problem I could have. 😉

Here’s the plan!

Monday: House church: I baked up some tortilla chips and made chocolate peanut butter bars from my Nestle cookie cookbook. Oh look! I found you a copy of the recipe 😉

Tuesday:  Chili and cornbread (I’m going to attempt to fix my chili fiasco!)

Wednesday:  Roasted Vegetable Alfredo, salad, bread

Thursday: Southwest Chicken Pot Pie, salad

Friday: Sesame noodles with beef strips

Saturday: breakfast = Itty Bitty Cinnamon Roll Bites

And that is all I have for you this week. Happy menu planning!

Head over to Orgjunkie for more ideas!

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