Things I Love Thursday: The Park!

I absolutely love the park near my house. There’s never more than a handful of kids running around, it’s got two big jungle gyms, a pond with ducks and a nice little walking trail that leads to another jungle gym. It’s just perfect.

I learn things about my kids there too. I’ve learned that Sofi absolutely loves the swings. Amelia, despite being vertically challenged, loves climbing the bars and decided on her own that it would be great fun to go down the slide on her belly. I’ve also learned that Amelia did not inherit my absolute hatred fear of spiders. While climbing up the bars today, we came face to face with one. One of those spiders that are thick and hairy and blacker than black. You know the ones! (I kicked myself on the way home for not taking a picture.) While I ran away screaming took a giant step backwards, Amelia simply waved and said “hi spider!” I yanked her off the bars. She looked at me and said “I want to see it again!” What a freak. 😉

Anyway, I love the park. Spiders and all. It’s the best part about a warm spring day.



What’s your favorite thing to do on a warm spring day?


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  1. ohmygoodnesohmygoodnessohmygoodness….I HATE spiders! I would have flipped out! This story made me cringe a bit!

  2. Adorable picture. I am just so grateful we finally have park weather!!

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