I love engaging Amelia in conversations. We had a really strange one at the doctor’s office the other day but I don’t remember it very well. The only part I remember is it involved a man going out the window and into the garage. What?

Today, we had an equally strange one while getting her pajamas on. She had a stack of tiny tea plates in her hands and this is what we talked about.

A: I got my coupons!

Me: Coupons! Coupons for what?

A: Money.

Me: Hmm… I’m not sure I completely understand that, but that’s cool! What are you going to buy with your coupons?

A: A little table.

Me: A little table? What are you going to use your table for?

A: A car. A CAKE!

Me: A cake? You are going to eat your table?

A: A big cake!

Then she ran out of the room.

I think it’s safe to say she’s going to have a good imagination. 🙂


    • pam foster
    • March 10th, 2011

    thats hilarious. she is a serious thinker that is for sure. She always looks like she is thinking things through – that is a good quality. love that girl

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