The Dinner Blues

Duh duh duh duh duh (Are you singing the blues?) I love the blues. The blues always make me think of three things. Adventures in Babysitting, The Office, and Larry the Cucumber. I tried to come up with a little song for this post but I gave up.

But here are my dinner blues.

Dinner is the most stressful time of the day for me. Usually, the cooking part is stressful because the kids are hungry and whiny and I’m trying to cook and get everything on the table. I can’t remember the last time we had a fully hot meal.  But hey, that’s life with young’uns right?

The funny part is, even when we have leftovers it still is stressful. Here’s why.

Amelia LOVES to throw food on the floor. If there is one thing that annoys me the most is when she throws food on the floor. It drives me up the wall…and onto the ceiling. Recently, it’s gotten even worse. She’s started replying yes when I ask her if she wants a time out. Seriously? It’s like she’s calling my bluff. I don’t want to put her in time out. I want her to stop! But if she says yes, I feel like I have to put her in time out. Exasperating!And then there’s the constant struggle to get her to eat. She’ll eat a little bit and then it goes downhill. I finally let her out of her booster seat to go play. I’m not kidding you, ten minutes later she’s thumping her chest and telling me she’s “hungary.” If I have bald spots all over my head the next time you see me, now you’ll understand.

Lately, Sofi has been getting extremely fussy halfway through dinner. This doesn’t happen at breakfast or lunch and it doesn’t seem to matter what she’s eating. I”m clueless. Clueless!

So, yeah, I’ve got the dinner blues.

Duh duh duh duh duh.


    • rae
    • February 16th, 2011

    yanno those 2 year olds are really, really smart. she knows you desperately want her to eat, and is using it against you. :p what about telling her if she throws her food on the floor she doesn’t get more? if she gets down she’s done eating for the night? or that she has to pick up whatever she threw down and finish it later…? ryan is my so strong willed stubborn make-me-wanna-pull-my-hair-out girl, and i REALLY have to lay the law down with her. or she’ll just push and push and push to see how far she’ll get. she pushes the boundaries with everything. :p she’s 3 now so i can be a little more tough on enforcing consequences, i don’t give her a bunch of chances because she will use them all. Or when i’m “counting to 5” before she gets in trouble, she’ll wait til i’m at “4” before doing what i want. :p stinker.

    do you think sofi is just getting bored/isn’t as hungry at dinner or something? does the dinner drama with mimi bother her? :p kids these days… being all complicated..

    • krista
    • February 16th, 2011

    I totally understand your pain! Dinner is always a frustrating event for me as well. Usually by the time I get everyone what they need and sit down with mine, they are done and mine is cold! Both of mine are going through this phase where they think they don’t have to eat good food, but I will feel bad a little later and let them have a snack. WRONG!!!! Last night Addy took almost two hours to finally eat one fry and a tiny piece of chicken. Then said yum that was good! Got to love them right? I am sure in about ten years we will all be saying man child you eat too much, so I guess we should enjoy it while it lasts. P.S. Don’t pull your hair out, it is too beautiful!!!! So next time you get frustrated at dinner time, just know you are not alone. Best of luck to ya!

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