My insides hurt a little from laughing.

Amelia has been so silly for about the last hour. I guess that’s what happens when she takes a 20 minute nap. This is what’s happened so far.

First, she kept putting her socks on her hands like gloves and saying “that’s a finger! that’s a finger!”  What?

Then the sock went on my head and she kept saying “Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!”

Then she grabbed my face and repeated over and over while shaking her head “mommymo, mommymo, mommymo.”

Then a pizza commercial came on and she said “oooh yummy pizza, yummy pizza.See it’s on a plate? Mmm tasty.” She doesn’t even like pizza.

Then she started to bother Sofi, so I told her to stop. She didn’t, so I said “Amelia, do you want to go to time-out?” She said yes so I told her to go stand in the corner. She did it! It only last two seconds, but I couldn’t believe she actually did it. SUCH a weird little kid. 🙂

That pretty much sums up the last hour. I wonder what will happen next?


    • erinne
    • February 9th, 2011

    so… what happened next 🙂

    • She found a wet spot on my sleeve where Sofi had drooled and said, “you need dry clothes! you need dry clothes!” Then proceeded to try to take my sweater off. 🙂

    • pam foster
    • February 9th, 2011

    Leave it to Amelia to make my day. We are just cracking up. I wish you had a nanny cam so we all could experience all her sillyness. You need to take our movie camera. These are kodak moments. She is just trying to make her mommy feel better.

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