In honor of my husband’s 28th birthday today, I thought I’d make a list of 28 reasons why I love him. Happy birthday, my love!

Here they are in no particular order:

1. I’ll start with the most obvious, and the most shallow. He is ridiculously hot. Warm brown eyes, strong jaw line, eyelashes that I would kill for, gorgeous lips… I’ll stop now.

2. He’s a musician. Girls love a guy who can play the guitar, right? Well, what about a guitar, the keyboard and the drums? He plays all three, comes up with his own tunes and he’s good.

3. He’s a writer. When we were dating he wrote me a lot of poems/songs. He doesn’t write as much as he used to but he has a wonderful way with the written word. He’s even working on a children’s book. If you know him, give him some encouragement to finish!

4. He’s determined to figure things out. He’s an engineer so I guess it comes with the territory. But when things go wrong in our house, he is determined to figure out how to fix it himself. I don’t think he’d describe himself as a handyman, but give him a few years and I think he’ll be there. I appreciate his work ethic and the fact that he tries to save us money by doing it himself.

5. He loves spending time with his kids. Every night when he comes home, he spends the rest of the night chasing the kids, throwing them in the air, building a couch cushion fort, whatever their little hearts want to do until bedtime. Even when he comes home late, his first priority is to spend time with them, even if it means not eating dinner until 9:30 or 10. Which is probably why we go to bed so late. Which is also why we don’t get up early. Which is why he gets home late…. it’s a vicious cycle. πŸ™‚

6. He rarely says no when I ask for a massage. I ask a lot. An awful lot. And he always does it, even when I know he doesn’t feel like it. He’s sweet that way.

7. Β He likes to travel. He’s always trying to figure out a way for us to go somewhere for a weekend. We’ve only had one vacation in the last two years because of the kids, but before the kids we took a lot of weekend trips. And it was a lot of fun. And we look forward to taking one in a few months, hopefully for our anniversary. I like that he wants to go away with me, and see different places.

8. He likes to play games. We play games a lot. Scrabble, Cribbage, cards. I am a huge game player so I like that he shares that with me.

9. He sees things differently than I do. He has a different way of thinking about things sometimes. Be it scripture, politics, cultural things…whatever it is, I can count on him to open my eyes up to a different point of view.

10. He’s a questioner. To be honest, this used to drive me crazy. I would be telling him about a conversation or something and he’d ask me questions. Questions that I didn’t think to ask. So I wouldn’t have the answers. He’d look at me like I’m crazy for not thinking to ask. So yeah, it used to drive me crazy. But I’ve gotten used to it and even appreciate it now. He likes to be informed….that’s always a good thing.

11. He loves how goofy I am. I am goofy. Really. If you know me, you may not believe me…because I have a hard time showing it due to shyness. But I’m completely myself with him and he loves me for it. I love that he likes it when I’m silly.

12. He indulges my talking about nothing. I know this was hard for him to get used to. But he listens to me talk about menu planning and recipes, or what I ate that day, or other things even less important. But he doesn’t just listen, he engages in conversation with me about nonsensical things.

13. He’s smart. He is. He’s smart. I appreciate how he takes care of our bills and budget. He researches things for the sake of learning. I firmly believe that he can do anything he sets his mind to.

14. He loves my cooking. He tells me all the time that I’m the best cook he knows. He is willing to try everything I make and never complains when dinner is cold, chicken is burnt or whatever other problem I might have in the kitchen.

Having said that…

15. He is honest. He does not gush over every dish I make. He tells me if one spice is too strong or if there’s not enough of this or that. If I’m trying on clothes, he tells me if something is not the most flattering piece of clothing I’ve ever worn. I know that if I ask him his opinion, I’m going to get the truth. Which also means, when he gives me a compliment, I know he means it. He doesn’t just tell me what I want to hear all the time.

16. He supports me. Not only does he support me, but he encourages me as well. Whether it be blogging, trying new recipes, wanting to exercise, or longing to go back to the world of dance, he is all for it. He gives me confidence to try new things. I still struggle with the fear of failure, but I know that when I’m ready to make a step he will be there for me.

17. He shares my sense of humor. We find the same things funny and we laugh a lot. We make each other laugh as well. I’ll never forget the first time I really made him laugh. I think that memory will stick with me forever.

18. He loves the Lord. This is probably the most important thing about him. Even though we sin and we struggle, I know he loves God and desires to be a better christian. I know he wants that for our kids as well.

19. He’s his own person. He doesn’t believe in doing something just because society says we should, he has his piercings, he’s got his own sense of style. I love that about him. Even down to his falling apart, holey, grandpa pants he likes to wear on the weekends. πŸ™‚

20. He shares my love of music. We always have music playing in the car, he sends me links to bands he thinks I’m going to like and he understands that feeling of finding an amazing new band. He likes to go see bands play and while we don’t really get to do that anymore, I believe we’ll get to do it again someday.

21. He talks to me. This one took awhile for him. He’s not a big talker but he opens up to me now. He talks to me about things at work or things he’s read or whatever is on his mind. He also takes time to explain things to me if I don’t understand.

22. We could have an entire conversation by quoting “Friends.” Do I really Β need to explain that one?

23. He loves family time. Sometimes we do this a little too much and things don’t get done around here. But he enjoys being with us as a family, whether it be eating breakfast and watching an animated movie together on Saturday mornings, or taking the girls somewhere like the park, the zoo or to Boonshoft. Spending time together as a family is important to him.

24. He lets me talk him in to eating out occasionally. He hates eating out, but I love it. So he gives in a couple times a month and takes us out to eat. Or to get takeout (his preferred method of eating out.)

25. He asks for my opinion on big purchases. Even though I usually don’t have an opinion, it makes me feel good that he consults me. I like knowing that he values my opinion.

26. He’s the perfect fit. We fit perfectly together, so therefore, he gives the best hugs.

27. He makes me feel safe. He’s like a black belt in karate you know. πŸ˜‰ I feel safer and more at peace when he’s around. His arm around me, or his hand in mine gives me an immense amount of comfort.

28. He still gives me butterflies. I’m not going to explain this one either. πŸ™‚

I love you babe! I hope you know just how much.


  1. Love this! You guys are adorable! Happy Birthday Jeremy! Oh and is he really a black belt in karate? That’s awesome….I’ve thought about taking some kind of self defense/exercise and I may have to pick his brain!

    • BrothersFullam
    • January 17th, 2011

    well that is just the sweetest thing you’ve ever blogged πŸ˜‰ love it. i will ask him about when he’s going to finish the book tonight πŸ™‚

    • pam foster
    • January 17th, 2011

    Very very nice! I believe everything you just said. You two are perfect together and I am very glad God brought you two together to give me the best two little girls ever.
    Love you J and Happy Birthday

    • pam foster
    • January 17th, 2011

    Very very nice. You two are perfect together and I believe everything you said. I am so glad that God brought you together to give me the best little girls ever. Love you J. Happy Birthday

    • boom shock
    • January 18th, 2011

    Thanks, baby. I love you!

  2. Hi! I just had to drop by after your visit on my site and then I saw this! Your husband is a lucky man! I have one of those too :-D. Aren’t they great?

  1. April 1st, 2011

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