The Gum Snatcher

Amelia is obsessed with gum. Of course, we don’t let her chew it! But she’s obsessed with trying to get it from us. Even before she could really talk she’d always point to it if we were chewing it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve caught her getting it out of the diaper bag. But I’ve always managed to catch her before she was able to unwrap it.

Until yesterday.

I still don’t even know how she got it. We keep a candy bowl on top of our makeshift pantry, high enough so it stays out of reach of her grubby little paws.  We had to move it a few months ago when she realized she could drag her chair over, snatch a piece of candy, and then hide under the kitchen table while she enjoyed her contraband. So, like I said, we keep it out of reach and it’s filled with candy and an open pack of gum.

So yesterday morning, I was at the kitchen table, feeding Sofi breakfast. Amelia was running back and forth from her room to the living room, so I just assumed she was playing. She likes to fill a basket with stuff from her room and then bring it out to the living room and dump it. She does it all day long. She’s a weirdo. 😉 So I finish feeding Sofi and go to move her to the exersaucer and there’s Amelia, hiding between the exersaucer and the tv. I see something mint green in her hand and realize she’s holding a stick of gum. As soon as she sees me move towards her she shoves it halfway in her mouth, takes a huge bite and RUNS! I catch her and I’m digging in her mouth trying to get it out and of course she swallows it.

I thought it was over. I go to the kitchen to wash my hands and she takes off towards her room. Suspicious, I follow her. She’s got the whole pack on her bad and she is furiously trying to unwrap another stick. Stinker. For five minutes after, she followed me around saying “Gum! Gum! Gum!”

I still have no idea how she got it. I assume our cat knocked it out of the candy bowl or something. That girl. She sure keeps me on my toes!

    • pam foster
    • January 15th, 2011

    dad and i love your stories. We got our laugh for the day. love to all

  1. Love it! Hilarious!

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