Sound of Music

Both my husband and I are music lovers. Always have been. I can’t sing. I can’t play an instrument. But I love it. Hubby is a little more talented, he can play the drums and guitar, and writes songs occasionally. When he gets the time he likes to experiment with recording his own music. And once upon a time he was the drummer for an awesome band called Towhee.

So needless to say we always have music playing in our car. A car ride without music is like torture for me. I always hoped my kids would have decent taste in music. Of course, I went through some shameful phases growing up…listening to some very not good music. And of course I went through some phases where my mom would frequently ask me to change the radio station. But I’ve held on to the hope that my girls would not fall into the Hannah Montana/Jonas Brothers phenomenon and so far I feel very optimistic!

Even in utero Amelia proved to have good taste in music. Every time Snow Patrol was playing, I could feel her busting a move in my belly. The trend has been continuing with both girls. Sofi’s favorite song has become “Sentimental Heart” by She & Him. Anytime she’s crying, I play or sing this song and the tears stop immediately. It’s crazy! And apparently I play it a lot because Amelia has started singing along. πŸ™‚ It’s adorable.

About a month or two ago, Amelia started asking us to play certain songs again. And the other night she said that “A Movie Script Ending” by Death Cab for Cutie was her favorite song. Not the best Death Cab song…but it could be worse! We had to listen to it four times in a row. I love that she has preferences already and expresses them. What I don’t love? The continuous “I don’t like it. Play another one.” that I hear the rest of the time. Stinker! Two years old and we are already fighting for DJ control. πŸ˜‰

    • pam foster
    • January 12th, 2011


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