My Birthday

My birthday was yesterday. 29. My last birthday in my twenties. Yikes! I’m getting so old… 😉

The last few years my birthday has been spent up North for my husband’s extended family Christmas party. There ended up not being a party this year which I was bummed about, however, it was really nice to be home for my birthday this year! My parents kept Amelia Friday night so Jeremy and I could go out and celebrate. I put Sofi to bed and Uncle Jesse stayed home in case she woke up and Jeremy took me to Carrabba’s. Thanks to Deals for Dayton I had gotten a coupon for a free entree. It was my first time there and I. LOVED. IT. Olive Garden has nothing on Carrabba’s! Their Sicilian Chicken Soup? Oh. My. I’m in love.

Saturday morning (my birthday!) we went and got my free Caribou drink. Seriously check this out! Free stuff on your birthday rocks. 🙂 Then we did a little Christmas shopping and Sofi gave me my birthday present. (She didn’t cry at all…she was so good!) Then we drove up and spent the rest of the day at my parents’ house just hanging out and baking cookies. It was a great day. And my mom and Amelia had made me a special birthday cake. It was the sweetest thing. 🙂 It was really just a nice day filled with people I love.

Here’s a few pictures of Amelia baking. 🙂

And so Sofi doesn’t feel left out…here’s her little smiley face!

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