Menu Plan 12/13

Wow, what a lazy weekend we had. Now, why do I feel so worn out? Oh, it’s because I have kids.

We originally had lots of plans for this weekend, then almost everything fell through.  But the girls just wore me out this weekend. We’ve had one of those weeks with Amelia where we are really losing the battle to get her to eat and gain weight. She just does not want to eat this week! It is really starting to wear me out. I hope this is a phase (even though it’s been going on for about a year) and I hope it ends soon!

On to the menu for this week! It’s a crockpot week. 🙂

Monday: Homemade chicken fingers and baked potatoes

Tuesday: Mama B’s crock pot roast

Wednesday: Brown sugar chicken

Thursday: Mexican roundsteak

Friday: Jeremy’s taking me out for my birthday!

Saturday: At my mom’s for my birthday!

Sunday:breakfast – Morning cinnamon rolls

dinner – Crockpot Tuscan chicken and beans

What’s on your menu this week?

For more great menu plans check out Orgjunkie.

  1. Thanks for visiting today! I would think you could make the gingerbread muffins with almond milk. I don’t know, however, because I’m allergic to nuts and haven’t been able to try almond milk. If you substitute it in other recipes, it should be good to go here too.

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