When I was pregnant with Sofia, I had a hard time imagining what she would be like. How would she be like Amelia? How would she be different? It was hard to wrap my head around having another child that could be anything like my firstborn, but at the same time I found it equally hard to imagine having a child that would be nothing like my first.  I am constantly learning that Sofia is nothing like Amelia.

There’s the obvious differences, such as Sofia’s reddish-orange peach fuzz all over her head and the fact that she’s wearing clothes in the size that actually relates to her age. Amelia’s a little behind on her growth spurts. 😉 But as the months go by I’m seeing more and more of the personality differences.

We knew pretty quickly once we brought Sofi home that we were going to have our hands full. She cries a lot more than Amelia did and still really hasn’t found a way to soothe herself. She is a lot more determined than Amelia was too, hitting milestones  (I kinda hate this kind of talk but it’s the easiest way to describe it) earlier than Amelia. Mainly, I think she is just so enamored with her sister that she is desperate to catch up!

But over the last few weeks a few differences have popped up that some days I feel threaten my sanity. The first is realizing that Sofi is extremely sensitive. As most nursing moms know…teething babies….bite. And it hurts. Period.  When I was having this problem with Amelia I read or was told by other moms to flick their cheeks and tell them no. This method did not faze Amelia whatsoever. So when I ran into this problem with Sofi for the first time, I tapped her cheek with two fingers and said no in a stern voice. She looked at me, the bottom lip popped out and she bawled! For several minutes after, while I was trying to soothe her, every time she made eye contact with me she’d start crying again! Oh my word. It broke my heart. The same thing happened again this morning but this time I didn’t tap her, I just said no Sofi! Then came the waterworks. It’s going to be really hard to learn how to discipline her without overwhelming her sensitive spirit. She’s just like her mama, that girl.

The other big difference between Sofi and Amelia is that Sofi is having lots of separation anxiety. I never had to deal with this with Amelia. Which, I have to admit did bum me out a little bit when we left our kids with the dads at house church one night so the mamas could go have coffee and Amelia was the only one that didn’t seem bothered by my walking out the door. Ouch!  But now, with Sofi, it’s practically causing me to pull my hair out. I cannot walk out of the room or even walk away from her without her crying and throwing a fit 85% of the time. I have a two year old in the house… I’m all over the place! It’s really frustrating some days. It’s good to feel wanted and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the big smiles she gives me when she sees my face (unless I’ve just chastised her ;))  but it also breaks my heart a little to hear her crying so much throughout the day. I don’t really know what to do about it. I guess I just have to wait for her to grow out of it. I hope it doesn’t take too long!

So yes, it’s a constant learning experience with my two girls. They may be different but I love them just the same. 🙂

    • Fullam
    • December 10th, 2010

    i can’t wait to see how different archie and shepherd are. i think it might be the opposite, that shep is sensitive while archie’s developing tougher skin because shep’s a little… i don’t know what word to put here. rough is too rough. i’d say… overzealous in displaying his excitement in having a playmate around. the fact that he cannot yet play is lost on sheppy.

    i wonder how much they’ll look alike. sometimes i see old pictures and can’t tell them apart. but then when i’m actually looking at archie, i can’t see anything but him. he doesn’t remind me of shepherd at all, he’s all archie!

    i’m glad we get to see these difference and similarities together and that our kiddos get to be friends. hopefully soon everyone will be healthy and happy enough to play again!

    • pam foster
    • December 12th, 2010

    Oh she sounds like she is going to be real sensitive just like her mommy is. You never cried that much though. She loves her mommy and just may no be as independent as Amelia is. Wish I could be ther to help out. Just know you are not alone and keep telling yourself things could be worse. Love you

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