Menu Plan Monday – Nov. 1st


My  menu planning got all messed up for a few weeks but I’m back at it. Hopefully I can stick to it this week! I’m really wanting to do freezer cooking again but being dairy free and having two kids is making it a little difficult.

Monday – Taking beef vegetable soup to house church.

Tuesday – Leftover Southwest Soup, baked tortilla strips ( I made this over the weekend and it was really good. However, I used chili powder and cumin instead of basil and oregano. Basil and oregano with salsa just seemed weird to me. But that’s me ;))

Wednesday – Roasted Chicken with Carmelized Shallots, steamed broccoli and bread

Thursday – Southwest Chicken Pot Pie (I’ve been waiting weeks to try this and it paid off. Pie crusts are on sale at Kroger this week AND I have a coupon!)

Friday – Lemon Chicken

Saturday – Beef Vegetable Bake (completely changing up a recipe I found to make it dairy free…I’ll post it if it turns out okay)

Sunday – Leftovers

For more great menu planning ideas, check out!

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