The Month that Disappeared

Tomorrow is November 1st. Seriously? I blinked and October was over. Gone. Where in the world is the time going? Amelia is two and indeed terrible. Sofi is 5 months and babbling and drooling her little head off. And in 3 more days it will be 5 years since I first laid eyes on my handsome hubby.

(Amelia’s not really terrible. Well, maybe sometimes.) šŸ˜‰

This month was a whirlwind of Autumn goodness. We went pumpkin picking with the bffs per our annual tradition. Amelia had her birthday. My best friend had a baby. And of course, Halloween. Amelia dressed up last year but this year was the first time we actually took her around the neighborhood. She. Loved. It. She caught on quick and didn’t want to stop. Halfway through, we dumped her bag of candy out into the strollerĀ to lighten her load. I wish I had a picture of the face she made. She was terrified we were going to lose all of her hard-earned candy!

It’s been a busy month, but it’s been good. Sofi is starting to cry less and play more and it is a lot of fun! Amelia is constantly amazing me with words, phrases and sentences and just how quickly she picks things up. I’ve really missed blogging so I’m going to try to do it more and share some of the funnier moments we have. I’ll be back tomorrow with a menu plan (hopefully!) but for now I’ll leave you with some of my favorite pictures from this month.

    • pam/memaw
    • November 1st, 2010

    Love them all! I enjoy your blog –

    • boomshockalocka
    • November 1st, 2010

    Amelia’s so punk rawk. Look at her throwing that elbow in the 6th picture!

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