Menu Plan Monday

This past weekend was Chilly! With a capital C! It really showed me how completely unprepared for winter I am in regards to the girls’ wardrobe. It also put me in the mood for some beef stew! We stuck to our menu plan for the most part this week. We didn’t get to the sesame chicken, I was in the mood for pizza instead(and Amelia got her first bite of onion…apparently she likes it.) I gotta say, cheeseless pizza? I can handle it. As long as I load it up with veggies and pepperoni. 🙂 Of course, as soon as I’m done nursing, the cheese is going right back where it belongs! Here is what we are eating this week!

Monday – House Church is having breakfast for dinner – I’m taking waffles. (Meijer complete pancake mix is dairy free and quite tasty!)

Tuesday – Sesame chicken with garlicky broccoli (from Robin Miller’s Quick Fix Meals)

Wednesday – Plum Marinated Chicken & Chipotle Butter Baked Potatoes (from Robin Rescues Dinner)

Thursday – Beef Stew

Friday – Roasted Vegetable Soup over Rice (from Robin Miller’s Quick Fix Meals)

Saturday – Alphabets with Mini Meatballs (from Robin to the Rescue)

Sunday – leftovers

Okay, yes I do realize almost all of my recipes come from Robin Miller’s cookbooks. I can’t help it. I got them from the library and I fell in love with quite a few of her recipes. Maybe next week I’ll branch out more. Probably not though, I have a long list of her recipes that I can’t wait to try! 🙂

For more great menu planning ideas, visit

    • Fullam
    • October 6th, 2010

    if you make the plum chicken and the potatoes tonight, i would really like a review. it sounds fantastic to me right now.

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