Aullwood Apple Fest

Today we did our first fall-ish family outing. It was a beautiful day! It got a little warmer than I was hoping for..but it was a nice break from the 80 and 90 degree weather we’ve been having lately. After seeing a friend post about it, we decided to go to the Aullwood Apple Fest. We really enjoyed our time there and we thought the food was pretty decently priced. There was a ton of food I missed out on because of the whole non-dairy thing. (I am so over this non-dairy thing.) I did get an apple cider slushie though! Yum. Here is what we did…

First we had to stop at the big rock display. And put our hands in the dirty water.

She sort of has an obsession with rocks, and the water made it that much more appealing.


Sofi does not share her sister's obsession over rocks.

This guy is making some apple butter. I ended up buying some of the no sugar added apple butter and it is AMAZING! This is coming from someone who doesn't like apple butter.

We saw some pioneer farm equipment.

An ewe? A ram? I'm not sure, but it was busy stuffing it's face with some straw.

This is my favorite picture of the day. This is my family walking around the duck pond, which sadly, did not have any ducks.

The duckless duck pond.

Dutch oven apple pie. It looked really really good 🙂 They also had apple dumplings that made my mouth water. This is coming from someone that never liked apple pie until her second pregnancy. Now I can't get enough!

Amelia cheating at cornhole again...

What's a sheep say? Baaa.

Ring toss!

Punkin! Punkin! Amelia could not believe all of the punkins that were standing around.

She couldn't convince us to buy a punkin but the nice punkin ladies did give her a ribbon. She was very happy..


Amelia needed a break from all the fun farm action.

Leaving all of the festivities with her new little purse that I just couldn't resist buying. It's just her size and it's polka dot. I can't resist polka dots.

 Not pictured is the clogging demonstration, Amelia dancing to the clogging music and, well, me. Do any of you other moms ever realize that you are never in pictures during family fun moments? 

All in all, we really enjoyed our time there. I think we might make it a new family tradition. And next year I’ll be able to eat ALL some of the good stuff, like homemade ice cream and apple dumplings. Oh boy.

If you or your kids enjoy nature I encourage you to check out the Aullwood Audobon Center. It seems like they have a lot of really cool educational (and fun!) opportunities for families. Plus, it’s always good to support local farmers, right?

    • Fullam
    • September 25th, 2010

    ahh! can’t wait. the pictures got me even more excited. i just don’t know how i’ll be able to eat everything you listed. there’s no room. but i definitely want apple butter. i didn’t know you don’t like apple butter. mmm. it’s one of my favorites.

    • pam foster
    • September 26th, 2010

    aw enjoyed all the pics and your story. family traditions are great! You needed your personal photographer with you ha ha – ME

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