Funny Moments

I love the silly little things Amelia does. Sometimes I wish I could get inside her head and hear what she’s thinking. Here are a few of my recent favorites, mainly for my mom and to help me remember the funny things she does.

1. After observing me nursing Sofi, Amelia threw down her baby bottle, lifted up her shirt and proceeded to nurse her dolly.

2. the other day she was running up and down the hall hitting a basketball with a softball bat, golf-style, and giggling like crazy.

3. At dinner last night, I held out a piece of pork chop for her to eat and she leaned over and kissed it.

4. Every time she hears the ice cream truck she yells “crema!” and runs to the window. Then asks me to pick her up so she can look out the “winow”

5. She stands in front of the mirror sometimes and shakes her head back and forth and says “no, no, no” and then giggles like crazy.

6. She somehow managed to get her baby doll up on the changing table, grabbed a diaper out of the top drawer and was standing in the bottom drawer trying to reach her  baby doll to put a diaper on it.

7. As I was folding laundry she grabbed a clean pair of underwear and put them on her head.

Those are just some of the recent ones in the last week or so. I love my little goofball :o)

    • pam foster
    • August 13th, 2010

    thank you for the laughs – she is hilarious and i love her to pieces

  1. SHE IS SO CUTE!! Love the one about nursing her doll. That is hilarious:)

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