Things that are keeping me from losing it today…

1. Every time an airplane flies over our house Amelia stops what she’s doing and says “apayne”

2. While fixing Amelia lunch, I looked in at her while she was watching Veggietales: Esther and she’s smiling at the tv. Then she ate her whole pb and j sandwich, cheese stick and apple slices I gave her. You should know that this kind of eating behavior is rare…

3. Amelia found a plastic candy jar and began drumming on it, looked up at me and said “dum”

4. While reading to Amelia, she kept repeating all the sound effects I was making.

5. After crying all morning Sofi is finally asleep, and she jerks and throws her hands up every other minute and it makes me smile every time.

I’m thankful for my funny little toddler on those days when my cranky little infant won’t stop crying and I love my cranky little infant on those days when she won’t stop crying.

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