Life as We Know It

Our life as we know it these days: busy, poopy, and seriously sleep-deprived.

I bought the wrong diapers a few weeks ago…Sofi has ruined more outfits in these two weeks than Amelia did in her first year. Pampers Cruisers on a newborn…bad idea! Yesterday was the epitome of crappy diaper experiences. (No pun intended.) So I was nursing Sofi while sitting indian style on the couch…like always… and enjoying my favorite 80’s movie (Adventures in Babysitting) when I heard the explosion. Then I smelled it. Before I knew it, I was feeling it. The poop had poured out of the side of her diaper, all over my favorite grey pj pants, (when I say favorite…I mean I live in these pants unless I’m leaving the house) and onto our couch. The pants were beyond saving…I threw them out along with a little piece of my heart. I am happy to tell you, however, that the couch seems to have pulled through.

As for the sleep-deprived part…I feel like I should be fair and mention that it’s not Sofi’s fault. Most nights she’s down for the night by ten or eleven and usually sleeps until at least six. Sometimes a little earlier…sometimes a little later. But once the kids are in bed we don’t want to sleep. No! We want to do what all married couples want to do…watch Friends. ;o) I bet you thought I was going to say something else…

All joking aside, late at night is when we get to spend time together. No diapers needing changed. No mouths needing fed. No cleaning up the millionth mess of the day. So this results in us always feeling tired. We need a vacation. We need a get-away…Where we can go see a movie in an actual theatre! We can explore museums and eat our food while it’s still hot. We can go listen to bands play and go have a drink. Sleep in! It sounds so nice…

But then I would miss Sofi’s gigantic smile when I tickle her chin and the way Amelia says “nuummy nuummy nuummy” when she wants something to eat. Imagine that being said with an Italian accent…that’s exactly how it sounds! So even though I’m bone-tired, and every day ends with what I’m assuming is a stress headache, I love my girls. I’m not ready to leave them for a vacation even if it was a realistic option. However, I’m pretty sure I could handle a date night. :o)

My sweet, sweet girls

    • rae
    • July 22nd, 2010

    ah we have that problem too: the kids go to bed by nine, and we stay up til 2am hanging out. then we’re tired when the kids wake us. :p bleh.

    hey have you tried soaking poopy clothes in oxiclean? i never knew about it with Avi and Ryan, but this time around, I soak clothes in it before washing, and it gets the poop out! If I’m seriously worried about the stain I’ll put oxiclean in the wash along with detergent too. It works. I haven’t had to throw out any cute clothes this time.. 🙂

    • pam/memaw
    • July 22nd, 2010

    Aw the joys of motherhood and marriage. I am thankful for you that you have these things to joke about and I know you are too. Thankful that you have a wonderful husband and thankful for me that I have the best daughter and the two most adorable and delightful granddaughters. Love you all!

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