Father’s Day

Father’s Day weekend turned out to be a very poopy weekend. And I mean that literally. I could tell you poop story after poop story but you will just have to settle for one.

Since the birth of Sofia, Jeremy has kind of turned into Amelia’s primary caregiver on the weekends and in the evenings. Not that I’m ignoring my tiny tot…it’s just that my hands are usually full with a hungry, wailing-yet-adorable infant.  So Sunday morning around 8:15 Amelia is knocking on her door for daddy to come get her. Jeremy opens her door and she comes running into our room. I smell the poop instantly. “Ew, somebody’s stinky!” So Jeremy takes her back to her room to change her diaper. A minute later he comes in carrying Amelia by the armpits. “She’s got poop all over her pajamas.” We go back into her room and not only does she have poop all over her pajamas, but on her sheet, her blanket and even a little bit on the floor. Jeremy starts to clean her up, I pat him on the back and say “happy father’s day!”

Our little waterbug!

Sofi wishing she could get in on the pool action..

    • Fullam
    • June 22nd, 2010

    what a thoughtful and unique father’s day gift 😉

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