39 Weeks and counting…

Today marks the beginning of my 39th week.  Little Miss Sofia tricked us into thinking she was going to come early but, alas, it did not happen.

Sunday night at about 1 a.m. I started having cramping and back pain. This lasted all night…I was able to sleep a little bit here and there but I was mostly just lying in bed trying to time the contractions. It seemed like they were coming one right after the other because the cramping was never going away. So finally at 4:30 I woke Jeremy up, told him the situation and we decided to call the doctor. The doctor I spoke to suggested we come in and get checked out.

We went in and found out I was dilated a little bit but not very thin. The first nurse suggested that the constant cramping was due to being dehydrated. So one big gulp water, 2 apple juices, 3 exams and 4 hours later the doctor gave me  some choices. They could break my water or give me Pitocin to speed things up. We decided against that so he said we could stay another two hours and get checked again or just go home with instructions to come back once my pain had doubled. We decided to go home and get stuff ready since we hadn’t really been prepared for a stay in the hospital.

Folks, the minute I left the hospital, the contractions came to an almost complete halt. I was extremely disappointed. I originally had a doctor’s appt. scheduled for 3:30 so we kept the appt. I went in and the doc said he didn’t think the baby was coming today and there had been no change since this morning.  He left, I cried. It had seemed so real that morning. Both Jeremy and I had gotten really excited. Sofia’s coming!!

Psych! Nope, no she’s not. What a bummer.

Of course, it’s good in a way. The experience showed me how unprepared we really were for me to go into labor. We didn’t have her car seat installed. Her clothes and blankets haven’t been washed. My hospital bag had been packed but was missing a lot of things. But then, Jeremy wasted a day off work, Jesse missed work watching Amelia and I was left crushed and depressed.

I know that she’ll come when she’s ready. But dang it, she really had me excited!

    • pam foster
    • May 12th, 2010

    Aw, all things happen for a reason. She got you thinking and realized there were things to be done so they would be perfect for her arrival. Now when it is time, you will know you are ready to greet your new little girl prepared and relaxed with no stress of not being ready. Love you all with all my heart.

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