9 Weeks and Counting…

I am 31 weeks pregnant, and yesterday was one of those “if this doesn’t end soon I’m going to lose it” days. Jeremy had plans to do some things around the house yesterday, so I decided to take Amelia and run some errands. Target and Meijer. That’s it, just two stops, no big deal. 2 1/2 hours later I return home worn out, stressed out and extremely uncomfortable.

Target was first. This actually went pretty well. Amelia stayed in the cart for the most part. Eventually I had to just sit her in the back.  Gasp! Yes, I let my child sit in the back of the cart sometimes, and here’s why. Amelia is TINY! Those belts simply do not hold her. I try to tighten them but those of you who have kids know how disgusting and ridiculously hard it is to tighten belts on carts and high chairs. I figure she’s safer sitting in the back rather than wiggling out of the belt and standing up in the front of the cart as soon as I turn my head to grab something. So anyway, Target was pretty successful, except for the fact that I had to fight Amelia a little bit to stay in the cart and I’m pretty sure one of my coupons was not scanned. Letting go…moving on.

Meijer. The only good thing about my trip to Meijer was that I got one of the expectant mother parking spots and Goldfish are on sale for a dollar. (YES A DOLLAR!) Actually Meijer was having some pretty good sales, but that’s not the point of this post. First, I  made the mistake of getting a cart with a broken belt. I didn’t realize it until a few aisles in when my cart was already starting to fill up. Now, I realize in the last paragraph I said the belts don’t hold her. But they do help sometimes and at least for a little while. Second, I cannot tell you how many times I laid my envelope of coupons down and left them. I went up and down aisles so many times trying to find my coupons. Did I mention I was 31 weeks pregnant? That brings me to number three. I was sweating like a pig. It really felt like it was 98 degrees inside that store. And last, but not least, my maternity jeans are my worst enemy this pregnancy. Last pregnancy, I LOVED them. I apparently stretched them out too much last time because I have to stop every two minutes to pull them up. It’s ridiculous. So to sum up I’m walking around a 98 degree store, sweating like crazy, my pants are falling down, I’m huffing and puffing trying to find my coupons and keep my child in the cart. And in the middle of this crazy visit to the store…emergency bathroom break! Do you know how hard it is to keep your child from touching anything in a public restroom while you are trying to go to the bathroom? So yes I came home, my husband hugged me, and I cried. Obviously, I don’t want Sofia to come before it’s time…but if we could just fast forward these nine weeks a little bit, that’d be great.

I was able to gain a few minutes of peace while she downed a mini box of raisins. 🙂

    • jtt
    • March 15th, 2010

    Do pigs sweat? Yeah, cart/highchair belts are no match for tiny monkies…

    I love that picture. Such tiny hands..

    • pam foster
    • March 15th, 2010


    • Fullam
    • March 15th, 2010

    ohhh amanda, you’re so funny. why haven’t you been writing before now? it’s wonderful. this makes me laugh… I’m pretty sure one of my coupons was not scanned. Letting go…moving on. it’s hard to let go and move on when a coupon gets missed! i’m glad mimi’s eating raisins. she and shep can share. it’ll be cute.

  1. WOW, I can only imagine how much that would have had me breaking down into tears!! You are an amazing woman!

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